Saturday, November 7, 2009

What are Circle Lenses?

Circle Contact Lens, also known as “big eyes” circle lens, are quickly becoming wildly popular among young teenage girls in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. They are special contact lenses that make the iris of the eye appear larger in size.

What distinguishes a circle lens from a normal contact lens?

The diameter of a circle lens is very similar to a normal contact lens. However, the circle lens is able to give the appearance of a bigger, wider iris. This is because the circle lens is tinted in both the areas that cover the eyes’ iris, as well as the extra-wide outer ring of the lens.

Why have circle lens exploded in popularity?

With the advances of technology, cosmetic contact lenses have become more effective and affordable. And although new technological developments have enabled us to change our bodies through plastic surgery, there is no surgical procedure available to change the color and size of our eyes. Circle contact lenses are the only option for people who want bigger and more colorful eyes.

Where are circle lenses found?

Several worldwide brands of circle lens have been ISO/FDA approved. The most well-known circle lens are GEO, EOS, and G&G. Acuvue recently introduced a line of circle lenses but it is not as popular as the pre-existing Japanese and Korean brands. Circle lenses can be purchased online but they are rarely found in retail stores. It is recommended that you avoid purchasing circle lenses from private sellers due to the amount of fake lenses that are being circulated from China. You should only purchase circle lenses from authorized resellers. They should cost approximately $35-50 for 1 pair (2 lenses) of Circle Lenses.

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