Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What are Circle Lenses?

Can't seem to figure out why some girls have bigger and more beautiful eyes than you? It's probably becaues they are wearing the latest fashion from Japan – Circle Lenses. Circle lenses work similarily to normal color contact lenses with one big difference, it makes the eyes appear larger. Circle lenses appear larger because there is a dark outer ring tinted outside the area of the lens that covers the iris of the eye.

The popularity of circle lenses has grown tremendously because people are starting to notice the importance of eyes in one's overall appearance. Girls make guys melt with bigger eyes because it makes a girl look much more attractive and beautiful. There are over 800,000 teenage girls in Japan, Korea and Taiwan who wear circle lenses for cosmetic purposes. This trend is growing rapidly in North America, however, it is very hard to find circle lenses in retail stores and even online. The price of circle lenses is relatively cheaper than normal color contact lenses, where you can get a pair for $30~$45 at

It is a good thing to look around and see what colors fit you best before ordering. So if you want bigger and more colorful eyes, maybe you should give circle lenses a try.

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